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Switching Gears

So for the past few months I have been doing a personal “pivot”; looking for a new home, spending more time with family and now my new focus… making software products {ta-da}. Consulting is good money and you sometimes find really interesting projects but I as a Technologist (geek for you humans) get an infinite amount of satisfaction from making actual products. So I have been building a team around one concept make “software logically simple” {catch phrase!}.  Enterprise software over all has become pure bloat-ware overall complicated, steep learning curves and hugely expensive.  None of this makes an end-user a rock star, which is what well made software is suppose to help them do.

Software should make one’s life easier, make them more efficient, and entertain them. Most times software makes a person want to throw their Smartphone or kick the Computer. Some companies understand this and only a few actually live by it. For my team and I and John Washington Development  it’s a core value.

Does this mean I have stopped all consulting… No. My long standing clients have access to me for their major implementations I have been working with. The chances of my team or I taking new business is extremely low outside of implementations of our SAAS on your private networks. We do have some good freeware will be sharing as a consolation prize. 😀

Merry New Year


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